New Video of Processing Calico

Elyse Gardner has just posted a new YouTube that shows the processing of horses gathered from the Calico Complex in Nevada by the Bureau of Land Management. Another long video but it will give you an idea how horses are processed and what that means.

I posted a shorter video prior to the beginning of the Calico horses being procesed at the Broken Arrow of horses being processed at the Palomino Valley Center also in Nevada. The equipment is essentially the same with a few changes made in design.


7 thoughts on “New Video of Processing Calico

  1. R.T. Fitch says:

    Thanks for the information, Laura. We watched this at Pryor Mt., too. Pretty traumatic time for most of the horses.

    Elyse and Terry have several dramatic shots of horses who “freaked” during process and tried to escape…imagine what must go through their minds.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Yes… these are wild populations, not domestics.
      I have seen deer freak out and seriously injure themselves during simple attempts to actually help them.

      These horses are chased by a helicopter, stuck behind a fence, travel in a trailer, eat unfamiliar feed, have families broken apart, and then get poked and prodded… the stress from all of these events compounds physiologically.

      The wild horse is an amazing animal. They can survive such trauma and still learn to trust us.

      Lessons for everyone.

  2. sandra longley says:

    I am against the rounding up of the wild horses-however-under the circumstances-they have provided the safest means to handle the horses-they are fast and efficient with the least amount of stress to the horses….given the past history of how horses were handled, I am thankful for that…That said, No one has proved to me that these massive roundups are necessary..If it is to benifit the horses and the land, I say, horses do not live to be 25 yrs old if the land is not supporting them, and there have been too many 25 yr olds brought in to justify that claim..The old and the young are the first casualtys if that were so.

  3. At Calico we have had intense lessons about BLM methods and watched these horses bereft of freedom and familiarity attempt to cope and they are obviously afraid for their lives. Too many horses removed together results in compounding problems the violent helicopter roundups begin. This was a huge mistake and we need to absorb these horses back into supportive surroundings; the wild, semi wild sanctuaries and only good, lifetime homes.

    You cannot remove so many at one time without the trauma, death and disease that have followed. It is time for the Big Decision pen pushers to admit they are wiping out the wild herds and let the chips fall where they may. Is the paper trail of lies a better approach, BLM?

    Cameron Bryce, BLM Ecologist, Nevada, said; “Wild horses do not belong in Western Ecosystems.” We already know he is wrong. mar

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Bryce, as an ecologist working for the branch of government tasked with protecting wild herds, made that statement.
      Kinda like a cop refusing to arrest a man for beating his wife because he doesn’t believe in domestic violence law.

      It is obscene that Bryce even holds his position after making such a statement.

  4. Linda H says:

    An interesting observation today as I watched your video: there are no women “processing” the horses. Why is that, Laura?

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