Calico Adoption Update

Note: Photos included in this piece were taken by Elyse Gardner. Elyse called me as soon as  she left the facility on Sunday to let me know General was doing well. His son True has been moved in with the younger horses and seems a bit “lost.”

True "on his own"

The horses gathered from the Calico Complex by the Bureau of Land Management this winter, held at the Broken Arrow facility in Fallon, will not be going to Palomino Valley for an adoption event in May as previously planned. The horses will be offered in an Internet adoption event in July.

Beautiful Girl

John Neill manager at the Broken Arrow facility has stated:

Based on National interest with Calico horses, we have decided not to host an adoption event at Palomino Valley in mid May. Instead we will be posting approx. 100 Calico’s on an internet adoption event to be held in July.

The 100 animals will be transported to Palomino Valley in early June for public viewing if persons so wish. However, adoptions /sales will take place on the I-NET adoption in July. Pictures of the animals selected for this
event will eventually be posted on our web site. This likely will not
happen until late May or early June.

Sweet Eye!

John Neill will keep me informed as the event draws closer so information can be made available to the public.

A personal note: John knows I am following specific horses. I asked about the horses by their tag numbers. John responded with General’s name.

General! Thank you, Elyse!


20 thoughts on “Calico Adoption Update

  1. jan eaker says:

    just a quick FYI, BLM on the update site lists another death on Sat. a 25 year old mare was found dead of “old age.”
    I am glad that General is ok,

  2. jan eaker says:

    Just 100 horses!!!!!! What will happen to the other 1800??????

    • Laura Leigh says:

      It is my understanding that this is the first event. There are horses that have a “public interest.” I believe this first event is to attempt to move those most likely to find immediate placement.
      As I get more info I will post it.

    • Anne says:

      How much better is Palomino than Fallon ? I looked @ pix of Mustangs @ Palomino on an internet sale…

      The Mustangs had their manes shaved up to their ears !
      the mustang looked like a Llama ! or a Burro !

      the freeze mark was cleary visible; the red tag marred the beauty

      but the worst thing? The Mustang had caked on MUD up to the Mustangs knees !

      You could not even see his Hooves ! literally caked w/mud
      so I wrote Palomino and said “You do not groom; brush or wash your Mustangs ? just got an automated reply


      Not Grooming a Horse is a serious deliquency concerning the health of a Mustang…I used to groom Horses after I rode them ; was part of the program !

      so Sanford say; something like

      after the Foals get worming meds; sometimes they roll over on their backs to scratch the Ticks coming off…

      hey after I read that I was rolling on the ground laughing



      • Anne says:

        ps I actually think the foals might roll over on their backs after worming medicine; due to mini seizures

        due to the potency of the medicine is too much for them

        for example; The HSUS Vet. said; He was surprised @ the no. of Parasites observed in the wormed manure…

        question: Why would the Vet. be surprised @ the no. of Parasites in the Mustang’s Manure;



        • Laura Leigh says:

          Hi Anne.
          Most of these horses you can’t get near. They are wild animals despite the multitude of times you hear them referred to as “domestic livestock turned out.” These are truly wild populations.
          You cant brush or groom them.

          I don’t like the tags either… but the tags actually create a system where each horse can be easily identified and tracked.

          Having the event postponed until July is actually a good thing. It gives the horses a bit more time to “settle” and recover from the Pigeon Fever so it doesn’t spread.
          Whatever reasons they choose to give for the delay in auction… it is actually a sensible “management” decision.

          We will keep watching the horses… we are all worried about those still recovering from the gather stress.

          I thought that comment about a parasite load was interesting, too. You would expect the Vet to comprehend this from the standpoint that this is a WILD population. I’ve done wildlife rehab… parasites are always part of the picture. These horses did not come from some breeder.
          : )

  3. jan eaker says:

    Laura, thanks!

  4. Good for this and it gives the horses time to recover and settle. mar

  5. Anne says:

    Hi Laura: if i sound like a b. only becuz of Lil OneDay… : )

    I did not say I was against waiting until July to move the mustangs; I am for waiting; of course I am on the side of the Mustangs so anything in their benefit is what I am for; course!

    The BLM has to wait until July…why? so many of the Mustangs are sick from the roundup the bad hay the wet straw; sand…

    they couldn’t possibly put “sick Mustangs for adoptions…

    my other comment is:

    The HSUS Vet. said not the same of what you said; the Hsus Vet said: (twice he said this…) it was striking how calm and tame the Wild Mustangs were; we were walking in the pens and they did not seem to notice us; foals would walk up to us

    You cannot tell me the BLM Staff cannot take a brush and quickly just brush their backs while they are in the chute ?

    or even if they are standing there; for example; the HSUS Vet. said; we were walking in the pens; and no mustangs kicked us; in fact; the Vet said; it was striking how calm they r

    I looked at a pix of a mustang @ Palomino for sale; the Mustang had MUD caked up to his thighs; you could not see his hoooves; what type of conditions do they keep the Mustangs @ Palomino in if Mud is up to the back of their legs?


    THE BLM PURPOSLEY TRIES TO MAKE THE MUSTANGS AND BURROS LOOK AS UNATTRACTIVE AS POSSIBLE…no groom; no washing of legs with a hose; stupid freezebrand; tags…



    so like I say; the only people who can stop this is CONGRESS

  6. Laura Leigh says:

    Yes… we need Congressional action.

    If you go to the I-net site and look at the horses at Palomino Valley it is amazing how few had bids. All those sweet babies now have “one strike.”

  7. Anne says:

    ps not to haggle…but

    laura wrote: They are wild animals despite the multitude of times you hear them referred to as “domestic livestock turned out.”

    anne’s comment: I have never heard that phrase until I read this…

    I do not see the Wild Mustangs as “Wild animals and I never will…

    How many Mustangs have killed other animals or people ?

    if none; they are anything but wild animals; love ya tho’ ! A.

    hey without you; I would have never “seen the BLM “horrors!

    I have named Hope the Foal as Hope
    I have named The Downed Mare as Faith
    and I have named Lil OneDay as Love…

    3 Testimonial Mustangs IGNORED; NEGLECTED; DESTROYED

    TO SAVE THE GRASSLANDS ! Kill mustangs to save grass…
    mutter mutter well back to work; cleaning laundormats
    that’s what I do; besides study People and Animal Nutrition!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Our opposition refers to the “wild ones” as “feral.” As an invasive species.
      Often times their argument is that these are “domestics turned out.”

      Congressional mandate in the 1971 Free Roaming Horses and Burros act creates the jurisdictional definition as “wild.” The problem comes from the horses not being managed as “wild” and integral” to the natural system of public land.

      The vocabulary that we are up against, and the mind set created because of that vocabulary, creates perceptions by the public that are incorrect.

      That is what I refer to in my response to you.

      PS… my clydesdale has been known to kill coyotes.
      : )

  8. Jan Eaker says:

    Anne, there is a new post on the mustang project blog from the HSUS vets, answering many questions regarding this roundup, the care and feed the horses are receiving now, it may help answer some of your concerns about the hay.
    Being a “wild animal” is NOT synonomous with “predator”, please understand why “wild horses’ is a much better designation than “feral horses.”

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Thank you Jan for answering Anne…. I get a bit “wordy” sometimes.
      : )

      We want them managed as “wild.”

      I did an earlier post referencing the HSUS vet report as well. It actually creates a few more questions about what he observed in the population and what we have been told about “Pigeon Fever.”

      Sometimes instead of answers all we have are more questions.
      : )

  9. Jan Eaker says:

    Laura, I did see the post, but didn’t read it on your site, don’t know why, you are not “wordy” just say it like it is, the report did raise more questions, but did answer some, and at least was on the horses’ side, as to them staying and being returned to their range, other ways of “management”, keeping them out there and if times get tough, supplemental feed,
    still no updated post on BLM site, maybe they are changing the report BEFORE they post it!

  10. Jan Eaker says:

    Laura, I read this report, and it also states that there is no sign of infectious disease in the horses; what concerns me, in reading it again, is the mention of the symptoms from “castrated” horses. Have they castrated any of the stallions
    at this facility? becuase this report makes it sound like they have.

  11. Jan Eaker says:

    Laura, the vet report is up, and the horses have -chest hematomas- caused by bruising on the feed bunks, which are now being modified, blah,blah,blah, it is unreal, BLM has to think we are all REALLY stupid,

  12. Laura Leigh says:

    I’ve been waiting for this.
    ; )

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