IDA Calico Press Release

Some Updates on the Calico Lawsuits from IDA.

From the Horse online

Lawsuit Seeks Mustangs’ Return to Range

by: Pat Raia
April 07 2010, Article # 16137

A group of wild horse advocates have asked a federal judge to order the return of 1,800 Bureau of Land Management (BLM) mustangs to the Calico Mountain Complex range in Nevada. The BLM relocated the horses from the range to holding facilities during a controversial gather earlier this year.

In a brief filed in federal district court in Washington, D.C., March 31 by Atty. Bill Spriggs, In Defense of Animals, ecologist Craig Downer, and Terri Farley asked Judge Paul L. Friedman to order the BLM to return to the horses to the range on the grounds that long-term holding violates the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971. The Act places wild horses and burros under BLM jurisdiction.

A hearing on the case is slated for April 30.

BLM spokesman Tom Gorey declined comment.

View Free Version of 20 minute documentary in 2 parts Here.

Latest Press Release From In Defense of Animals on the Calico Horses

SAN RAFAEL, CA (IDA) – In Defense of Animals’s lawsuit to stop the roundup of wild horses in the Calico Mountain Complex in northwest Nevada proceeds. Last week, our generous pro bono legal team at Buchanan, Ingersoll and Rooney in Washington DC filed the final brief in the case. We continue to highlight the illegality of the government’s practice of removing wild horses from the wild only to stockpile them in government holding facilities in the midwest. Oral arguments in the case are scheduled for April 30 in Washington DC, and the court is expected to issue a ruling by the end of May.

The roundup of the Calico horses exemplifies what is wrong and illegal with the government’s management of wild horses.

The tragedy of the Calico horses began with the helicopter stampeding of horses into traps and the separation of family members. It continues today at the holding facility which confines these wild horses in unnatural, zoo-like conditions. Of the reported 1,922 Calico horses rounded up, from December 28, 2009 to Feb 4, 2010, at least 83 have died from roundup-related problems. More than 40 heavily-pregnant mares have spontaneously aborted, and an uncounted number of foals born at the facility have died. (The BLM does not report foals born at the facility who have died.) The government officials claim this is the typical cost of a roundup and they make our point for us – it is too high a cost. It is an unnecessary cost. It is wrong and it must be stopped.

The Calico horses are kept at a newly-built, feedlot-like facility in Fallon, Nevada – approximately 200 to 300 miles from their home range. They are forced to stand and lie in their own waste. The horses are stressed from the confinement, being kept with unfamiliar horses, separated from their family members and the boredom.

Stress tends to weaken immune systems, which can increase susceptibility to health problems that could otherwise (under healthy, stress-free conditions) be warded off. The government recently revealed that a highly-contagious bacterial disease called “pigeon fever” is present at the holding facility. This bacteria, which lives and multiplies in dry soil and manure, is spread by flies and creates large, open intramuscular abscesses on the horse (the abscesses can also be internal). The government states between 50-100 horses are currently infected. This is just the latest misery to befall these innocent victims. We will continue to monitor this situation and let you know how you can help.


11 thoughts on “IDA Calico Press Release

  1. Anne says:

    IDA wrote:
    (The BLM does not report foals born at the facility who have died.)

    Anne’s comment:….say what ? ? ! ! ????? ! ! ! am I reading right?

    (The BLM does not report foals born at the facility who have died,,,

    comment: this is outrageous ! Not reporting lost foals:

    a. how many adult mustangs were shot?
    b. how many of those were pregnant mares?
    c. how many miscarriages were there ?

    d. how many lost foals ?

    Folks we are looking @ up to 200 Mustangs have perished!
    just in 80 days or so; not to mention 150 cases of Pigeon Fever;

    the BLM did not have a plan in place or an intelligent plan; I am with the idea of returning the Mustangs to the plains…
    thanks IDA; Cloud; Barndoorstudios; etc. Terri Farley; etc. A.

    ps I had the feeling they did not count Foals who have perished because in the report of the Mare and Foal who perished due to Sanford not attending to them; (one of the days the HSUS made a call); the BLM did not report the Foal;

    I was just about to contact the BLM NV to ask them why they did not record the Foal who was born to the deceased Mare;

    they don’t record Foals ? holy mackeral amos and andy ! A.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Yes.. it is a bit outrageous.
      You would think that each successful delivery would be recorded as inventory. Mortality rates post-gather would be a very important statistic to have in any wild population.
      If the assessment process for future gathers is based on science then statistical information is vital.
      If it is based on covering up basic facts to perpetuate protocol statistical information might present a problem if it does not support the protocol.
      I’ve worked wildlife rehab in the past. Babies count… we even monitor each bowel movement!

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for the update. Also many thanks to your pro bono legal team. Is there anything that the public can do to help with this specific point? Letters, phone calls?

    • Anne says:

      yeah; I was wondering too; can the public sumbit “testimony; such as pix and videos to any lawyers?

      I would like to send them Laura’s excellent videos; as a third party;

      and say: I voluntarily send these videos (via e-mail); I was not asked to; I thought of the idea; BLM abuse; ps Laura:

      about the One Day Old Foal; was “shot w/ a chemical; this is a tragic story; there were no X-rays; how could John Neill; who is not a Vet. say; the femur was fractured? Anne !

      I call this Foal Hope oneday (i.e. Hope springseternal…)
      I think John Neill has truly outdone himself; re: “hope oneday; they put the foal “down; with not Vet. present!

      funny I didn’t know John Neill was a Veterinary Technician!
      I think this may be the biggest mistake the BLM has made since the day the Cattmoor Co. “shot a Nursing Mare !

      I guess John Neill is another Dr. Sanford…a true Wolf dressed in sheeps clothing; who “killed a lamblike Foal !
      (if that Foal did not look like a pure white lamb; what does?
      so the BLM have finished themselves with their final “shot
      and they do all this in front of the www ! “like the people do not exist ! (superiority complex; Oneday; hope oneday

      • Anne says:

        ps very good pix of the Mustang Foal @ Terry Farley site; I guess this happened in March; very very sad;

        atleast they could have bottle fed the precious foal; even if the Foal perished; atleast she would have felt wanted; could you imagine what the Foal felt when she saw John Neill walk across the pen to her?

        foal prob. persished of fright just by looking @ Neill; believe me I USED to like John Neill; not no mo

        John Neill? You hiss-tory !

    • Laura Leigh says:

      IDA is working on the case with their attorneys. They will notify us when and where to act to support the case.
      I’ll post any action alerts they send out on this site.

  3. Anne says:

    laura wrote: If the assessment process for future gathers is based on science then statistical information is vital.
    anne’s comment:

    exactly; the BLM cannot “cook the books” for their own way!

  4. Anne says:

    ps BLM does not count foals under 3 or 4 mos.? Preposterous!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Hang in there Anne…
      We are solidifying as a group. Efforts are becoming more and more concerted.
      Keep praying we get an opportunity to step up to the table in a real forum for dialogue.

      • Anne says:

        thanks Laura…the IDA article said:
        (about Fallon…
        They are forced to stand and lie in their own waste…

        my comment: Another very big problem…

        The Mustangs stand in their own manure; and urine…

        and this is mixed with straw and sand…and hay…

        and the problem is: THIS CAUSES THRUSH ! ! !

        I learned about Thrush by reading Anna Sewell’s long version (about 500 pg.s) of Black Beauty….

        The book explains how wet straw causes Thrush !
        (bacteria; mold; fungus…etc. thrive in dampness !

        I have seen Mustangs eating this wet moldy straw !
        I will hang in…thanks alot…anne conn usa 1951

  5. Anne says:

    ps I was looking at some pix of “a Mustang Adoption in another state…

    “almost every Mustang I looked @ had thrush…(some badly)

    here is the problem: An average Horse buyer or adopter might think;
    the Mustang has “bad hooves…so we better not adopt himher

    and my comment is: THRUSH (Candida Albica; a fungus);

    IS EASILY CURED; Thrush is NOT a life long conditon AND if treated soon; does NOT cause permanent damage; “True!

    ps I may keep blogging here; just to get my emotions out !
    thanks ! (the first thing i thought of today was Lil One day !!
    (lil oneday; you are in my prayers from this day onward ! A.

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