Lately I have focused on the Wild Horse issues facing our country. Yet there is a lot of news on the slaughter front. I want to take a minute to “catch up” on some of these issues.

Recently there has been extensive video footage released through The Canadian Horse Defense Coalition. The video can be viewed here. WARNING: Footage has been dubbed “Chambers of Carnage.” It is extremely graphic and not intended for younger viewers.

Click to go to wesite

We have been waiting for a response from United Organizations of the Horse to the new investigation and information coming in from the European Union about drug regulations in horse meat.

This organization promotes itself as a 501 for horse welfare. It is a front for fund raising for a horse slaughter lobby effort by Sue Wallis. Sue Wallis is a Representative of the state of Wyoming. Often times questions of illegal practices have come into play regarding her “.org.”

I have watched Sue speak at the Society for Range Management conference last fall in Reno. She read her poetry about horses and cows and the wind. Then she proceeded t “educate” the audience to the history of this amazing being that has gone to war and plowed our field… and then emotionally exclaimed that we owe it to the “relationship” to eat them.

I left the room about 10 minutes into her speech. I’ve heard her before. Let someone else try to sort through the convoluted workings of that mind, there would be nothing she says backed up by fact.

Sue will tell you about abandoned horses because horse slaughter plants have closed in the US. The truth is that horses are simply shipped over our borders and horse slaughter is alive and well. The only change in numbers of horses going to slaughter comes from the “supply and demand” flux of any business.

Sue will tell you that horse slaughter is “humane euthanasia” for horses old and no longer useful. First I have been to the feedlots and packing plants. I have spoken to the kill buyers. The horses that go to slaughter are the ones in the best shape the buyer can find; young, fat and healthy. It is a food industry. Second if you have the stomach for it watch the videos in the link above, this is in no way humane. The nature and structure of the horse make it impossible to slaughter in any fashion that even resembles a “humane” act.

The most outrageous claim is that horse meat is healthy. US horses are NOT an agricultural product and as such there are no regulations that track drugs routinely given to horses. Drugs that are very dangerous and proven to cause health issue, serious health issues, for humans. Basically it would be like exporting lead based painted toys to children in another country. It’s wrong.

(And just to give you an idea of the kind of “folks” that hand in her camp… Arlin of the Yakama in Wa was at the same conference. He stated that wild horses are responsible for the decreased Salmon population as he attempted to convince the audience that a horse slaughter plant (and funding) was needed by “his” people).

Here is an excerpt from Sue’s latest press release.

It is not on her website but I know folks that get these in their e-mails. I guess this is the best they can come up with to answer the new European Union regulations about drugs in horse meat. We get to “trust” the people that want to dispose of the by-products of over breeding and lack of responsible equine management.

The Equine Assurance Program is a horse meat quality and equine well-being certification program. U.S. horse owners have a long tradition of social responsibility. In order to address animal welfare concerns, as well as ensure the highest quality product from slaughter horses, the United Organizations of the Horse has developed the Equine Assurance Program as an industry driven initiative modeled after other food animal systems. The Program includes the development of certification programs to ensure that U.S. horse products are of the highest quality and safe, and that the horses processed for food are cared for in a way that ensures their well-being.

On her website she has posted a YouTube about wild horses and why we need to gather and eat them. Note the dates in the Youtube (if you can stop banging your head on your desk when you hear the music), 1993/94 is what the video claims yet never identifies the area. If you are new to wild horse issues you may think this was all over the country. These photos are constantly used; one area, grossly mis-managed, and over 15 years old.

Her .org website even has a “boycott” list. Names like Troy Aikman and Emmit Smith are on the list for supporting Madeleine Pickens sanctuary option for horses stuck in long term warehousing on the back of the US tax payer.

She needs to change the name of her organization to represent what they truly are; “”

Interesting article from a Mid-West writer about Sue’s .org


6 thoughts on “

  1. I still have not been able to watch this but it has been described and the idea that so many horses suffer this end has been put out to a growing public base that is responding. Thanks to EWA and others from Canada this is an outcry that is being heard. mar

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I haven’t been able to get through them either. The absolute absurdity that this is “humane.” The nature of the horse makes the reality of slaughter torture.

  2. Kathleen says:

    I think it’s time for advocates to make our own boycott list and circulate it — all of their advertisers and supporters. We should not be giving any of them one thin dime and since there are so many advocates that are horse owners, this could be effective. Just a thought….

    • There have been efforts to do this and most of are aware of a few who deserve to be boycotted. Like Hewlett Packard because they are a big company and the execs graze cattle on public land in Idaho. There are many who have touched the wild herds either directly or indirectly in detrimental and deadly ways. Maybe we should start right here. H/P can be #1 and we tell our friends and fellow advocates to come by and add to the list the Who and Why and keep at it…
      Kathleen, give us someone? I will tell my friends to come and add to this… mar

  3. Ted Turner is one of the Rolex Ranchers on our public land. He also “adopts” Bison from the BLM – and then slaughters them for profit. Gotta love him.

    I no longer belong to the Indiana Horse Council because of their association with the UOH, but they keep sending me their publication. The last issue had some comments from Slaughterhouse Sue about the wild horses. I hope you are all sitting down…. In discussing the plan to move all the horses to the sanctuaries, Sue blames the advocates and calls it a “government land grab.” Then she goes on about how much more it will cost, blaming the “animal rights activists” – the term she always uses for anyone that doesn’t want to eat horses – for trying to get this much MORE money from tax payers in this bad economy, and also blames us for the long term holding costs. Honest to God, folks, I am NOT making this up!

    I was so infuriated I was stomping around the house babbling. I still am just that angry – no, I am PISSED. I’ve been trying to calm down before I write to the IHC and apprise them of the facts. They seem to be so in love with the UOH that I wrote them off long ago, but this – this has to be corrected.

    I’ve still got a headache…

  4. lorna moffat says:

    Yrgent action alert. PLEASE DO THIS!
    Please call Speaker of the House and ask that she let HR 503 come to the floor for a vote before the session ends. HR 503 is the Horse Safety Transportation bill and may have the Horse Slaughter Prevention bill attached to it, I’m not sure.
    Sen. Conyers wants to bring it to a vote and Nancy is stopping it, so the rumor goes.
    The switchboard # is 202-224-3121

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