Then the “Cavalry” rode in…

I have spent the day attempting to construct a way to convey to you all that happened in DC.

There is so much to share. The meetings, James Kleinert’s film Desperation Valley, more meetings, the rally, more meetings… and so many wonderful people.

So many wonderful moments.

Hope Ryden and Ginger Kathrens (photo Laura Leigh)

Like when Hope Ryden took to the podium with a small box in her hands. I wondered if they were letters she had saved from children during the fight years ago that helped inspire our legislators to action in 1971? Then Hope passionately removed the contents from the box, held it up and pounded it on the podium. It was a mustang hoof! “You could pound nails with this!” she exclaimed as she extolled the virtues of our mustangs. (I have to admit I did not see that one coming). It was something I wont forget.

So many wonderful people, some I have known for years but never met. I often refer to Vicki Tobin as “the best friend I never met,” I can’t say that anymore.

But there is a single event that best sums up the “feeling” I have after DC. There is a real sense that our voices are beginning to be heard. A real sense that if we continue to raise our voices and unify as a group… we will see change.

I had meetings to attend the morning of the rally. The day was hectic and there was not even time to change clothes. Un-tucked my shirt, grabbed my cowboy hat and headed down the street, 10 minutes late, to meet the others already walking to Lafayette park.

We listened to amazing speaker after speaker as the crowd continued to grow.

Then we marched to the Department of Interior to hand deliver a letter to Secretary Salazar. The crowd stretched for blocks as we made our way through the streets of our capitol. When we reached our destination we chanted, held up our signs and delivered that letter.

And then it happened….

Coming down the street toward our group were four members of the mounted patrol. Aboard mighty steeds the officers moved in and took their position across the street.

The "cavalry" arrives! (photo by Vicki Tobin)

What a beautiful sight they were. This symbol of what the horse means to our country and to the history of the entire world of man. Those horses represented every horse that stood in battle with us, plowed our fields, carried our burdens and inspired us.

Our group cheered and gathered around the horses.

(photo Vicki Tobin)

In an excerpt taken from an article by John Holland from Horseback Online:

I told him that if they were looking to intimidate us, they picked the wrong crowd! I said I face three times that many horses every morning for their feed. He said “We are not here to intimidate you.”

Perhaps they were there to support us? Because that is what they did.

Our “cavalry,” our symbol, our horses stood there as we raised our voices with words they can’t speak. But their presence is something we can never truly express, only allude to.

So they came and stood with us. They spoke as only they can.

Louder than words (photo by Mom and Tom)

I have a renewed sense of Hope.

I was also able to use the example the next day in my meetings at the Capitol. Horses have always been an integral part of our history… and they still play an essential role in our present. This is an important issue for us as a country. At a time of restructuring our economy, health care… our country, the symbols of what it means to be “American” can aide and inspire us to become a greater nation.

March for Mustangs (photo Vicki Tobin)

Video by RT and Terry Fitch to the amazing voice of Maria Danes.

March for Mustangs 2010


12 thoughts on “Then the “Cavalry” rode in…

  1. Little did their riders know! mar

  2. Nancy Roberts says:

    I love that the horses came. Makes me laugh! Thanks for everything you do! Wish I had been there.

  3. Anne says:

    Thanks for the pix and for going to D.C. on behalf of America’s Mustangs…an excellent rally for the world to see;

    The Mustangs @ Fallon are truly in a desolate spot; not good!


    Do not let Dr. SandPit Sanford say Mustangs cannot thrive on woody shrubs and tall buckwheat native nevadan grasses;

    America’s Mustang can survive on Native Grasses and they have for millenium; as do America’s Buffalo; Burros and Deer;

    do not listen to the “dr. sandford who speaked with ‘forked tongue; and who puts incoming Mustangs on Orchard Grass;

    so the Mustangs do NOT gain weight and do not thrive; which is what has happened to 79 Mustangs who WERE living in health in the mountains; and who are not in health today;

    Mustangs love tall stemmed native forage; they hate grass!
    (short grass is not good for wild mustangs; causes “Tetany!

    imo; this non nutritive mix caused 72 Mustangs to perish AND Dr. Sanford feeds the grass mixed with corral sand !

    I will be posting a video of this as time goes on; STOP BLM !

  4. Anne says:

    What is Tetany? Tetany is a “malnutrition illness causes simply

    a. by short green grass; esp. in the spring; this is Tetany:

    “the grass root is high in Calcium; the grass green is high in Magesium; in the spring; the grass root is long and the green grass blade is short; this means; spring green grass is:

    High in Calcium and low in Magnesium; Tetany is malnutrition; specifically “not enough Magensium…

    what happens is: when the Mustangs does not get enough Magnesium; due to wrong type of feed; or not enough feed:

    the Mustang literally gets weak; and here is the key;

    extra hay won’t cure this; only extra Magneisum will; so from what I have read; Dr, “Sandpit Sanford” is supposed to go around “Administering shots of Magneisum and Vitamin B’s;

    The Magnesium gets the Mustang to stand up and be balanced and the Vitamin B’s shot gets the Mustang’s appetite
    going; so the Mustang begins to eat; Salt Blocks are not used;

    Salt Blocks get the Mustang’s thirst up so they drink water;

    Sandpit Sandford does NOT use:

    a. long stemmed whole forage such as Timothy Hay (cubes)
    b. Salt blocks c. Magnesium (Espoms salts) or d. B-vitamins

    so Dr. Sanford does not treat the horses who have illnesses;

    with proper medicines; thanks for reading; anne conn. usa

    • Anne says:

      additional info: Tetany; simplified explanation:

      Tetany is a Nutritional imbalance specifically caused by;

      A Lack of Magnesium in the Equine’s Diet…

      1. short green grass is High in Calcium
      2. short green grass is low in Magnesium

      case in point: Equine have a high requirement for Magnesium and a low requirement for Calcium;

      Fact: Short green grass is low in Magnesium
      short green grass is high in Calcium

      Fact: CALCIUM depletes MAGNESIUM so in essence:

      Short Green Grass Clippings such as Sandpit Sandford uses (Timothy grass clipping mixed with Rye Grass)

      SHORT GREEN GRASS (CLIPPINGS; seen @ Fallon Corrals;
      a. are low in Magnesium to begin with
      b. deplete Magnesium



      and if you look @ pix of Fallon; you see Grass clippings !

      look; I know what long stemmed forage looks like; this looks like the forage which grows around Calcio Mts.

      in the field; the Mustangs got the forage they require…a.

  5. R.T. Fitch says:

    Thanks for sharing, Laura. My only regrets are that I did not have time to talk/listen to everyone that there. Many people I had never seen before and only time for a few brief words.

    We have to work on that.


  6. Laura Leigh says:

    Yes we do RT. WE need to work on making sure that dialogue expands throughout the “family” of advocates. WE all need to keep the dialogue flowing among ourselves and out to as many ears as WE can get to listen…
    Safe travels to you.

    And thanks to both you and Terry for that amazing video!

    • Anne says:

      An amazing protest; quite a turn out; the posters were great; I liked R. T. ‘s poster the best; I liked seeing the pix of the people i have read about and communicate with;

      like Suzanne Roy; and you Laura; great pix; you are young!

      but to RT; you truly impressed me with your poster ! and I like your character and your outfits; keep on keeping on…

      see it is true; The BLM does “destroy Mustangs in any way they possible can; only god knows how many…sadly; A.W.

    • Anne says:

      Hi Laura:

      I was watching the CNN video and I noticed clips of: The Calico Colt…and my heart was uplifted and emotions flew

      so I wanted to know: how did you feel seeing your video of The Calico Colt on national cable TV ?

      made me feel proud and hopeful…hats off to CNN; ps only prob. CNN did not show “Hope the Foal in the sand;

      yet the pix of the other two foals (w/ace bandage shown;
      (if the people only knew how they treat these mustangs;
      the blm would be closed today; “Rye grass has Ergot !
      Ergot causes miscarriages; esp. when rye gets damp;

      Sandpit Sandford is behind the madness; this is my 2c; a.

  7. Linda H says:

    Yes, it is hard, now that I am back home, to pick out all the parts of that whirlwind 2 days, like carefully laid pieces of an interlocking puzzle. Thank you for your posting–photos and descriptions. I feel energized and supported by wonderful people like you who and all the others who were in DC to press on. We have lots of work to do.

  8. Shari Welsh says:

    So wonderful – the horses come to stand up for horses !!!!!!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      : D
      If you watch that wonderful video By RT and Terry Fitch and imagine it without the pictures of the horses…
      They came to support us, even if they did not know it.

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