DC Rally quick update

I have lots to share about the DC rally. I will be back at the keyboard tonight with pics and news.

Just want to let you all know that the turn-out was good. The spirit of the community of “voice” is strong.

Keep calling… run those faxes at the Whitehouse until the printers run out of ink!

We need your voices!

Video distribution info will be posted as soon as I return from DC.


7 thoughts on “DC Rally quick update

  1. Laura, I watched Jane’s show with Mad., Wendy and Ginger. Your images up on a big screen as the reporter spoke and the others answered questions. Overall effects very intense and the wild ones front and center of it all. You did a great job. we are all waiting to hear more… mar

  2. Fax at the Whie House is always busy. I did manage to get thr. on the phone yesterday. Also talked to McConnell, Bunning and Guthrie’s aides. Bunning’s said advocates had stoipped by . McConnell’s, Eric King, actually returned my phone call.

  3. Hmmm sounds good… mar

    • Laura Leigh says:

      The coffee or the news?
      : )

      I just saw the CNN report for the first time…
      great coverage… and I have to admit it feels good to get that footage out to such a broad audience.
      Now little Hopes story is being told… for all the little Hopes.

  4. Both… yes, you got your work shown big time, it was something seeing the foals on national TV… mar

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