Calico Retrospect

As I prepare to head off to DC to join other advocates to raise our voice for the wild horses and burros I am putting the finishing touches on many projects. The one I am most proud of is a new video of the Calico Complex gather. The pride stems not only from the piece itself, but from the process of creating the piece.

This effort came together very quickly. It required fast communication and a real cooperative effort from many people. The process truly speaks of the effort that is needed to be that voice for our horses and burros. This is an effort made by “just people.” People that devote their time and resources to stand for something they believe in.

In that space personal differences become meaningless… self transcends into a collective space of “voice.”

The complete DVD will have a short film and history of the gather as well as personal statements by those that contributed to the piece. Distribution information will be available within the next 24 hours.

Once more I want to remind you that even if you can’t make the trip to DC set the 25th of March aside and contact your local media, set up a table with brochures, wear a ribbon, a t-shirt… start a conversation… for our wild horses and burros.


18 thoughts on “Calico Retrospect

  1. well, some days I find no words and what I see says it better…mar

  2. Anne says:

    Stop the BLM; those are the only words I can think of to say…
    a. usa “they should put this on a sign next to where Hope was

    “Native Hay and Grasses everywhere…for as far as I can see…

    and yet in this pen…not a blade of grass or a stalk of hay to eat…”Hope: Grasses; Hay everywhere and not a stalk to eat !

    I am pretty sure this video will stop the roundups for good!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      The collective voice that comes together to create the space to begin a real dialogue within the spaces that protocol is made to “determine policy”… that will be what stops this insanity.
      Each voice needs to speak.
      On March 25th we need to “ring those phones off the hook” and run every fax in DC until it runs out of ink!

  3. Absolutely. I will have a big voice from home when you are all in DC! You will have nation wide support as you stand in sight of the White House and Landmarks of our silent government. Just remind those you meet there are many at home who are with you in spirit… mar

  4. sandra longley says:

    another great video and lyrics from the heart of Lacy J Dalton..You would have to be made of stone, not to understand, feel the pain and acknowledge the injustice. No one understood the need to advocate for freedom better than lincoln-for those who had no voice or power, he did what was right, and for years-those that have stuggled for freedom have marched to the lincoln monument and expressed that need-its not for money or power-but for the right to be free. A nation without a soul, a nation that can be bought and sold, a nation that cannot do what is right by those that have the least-is a nation at a crossroads-to be the best or to be the worst..
    I am very proud of everyone who is making this trip to washington..Our hearts and minds are with you..back here we will be making calls and sending e-mails in support…god bless you all!

  5. Savewildhorses says:

    Excellent video! Very hard to watch. Had to cover my eyes at the downed mare. Can’t bear to see her suffering. I sure hope someone is showing these videos in DC.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      There will be some in DC to include in the info packets.
      That’s why the rush…
      I’m rather sleep deprived.
      4 days of editing footage…..
      I see it with my eyes closed.

      • Savewildhorses says:

        Bless you and go get ’em!
        Heard this in church today from the minister;
        Mother Teresa was invited to go to an anti-war rally. She refused. When asked why she said she’d only go to a Pro-Peace Rally. Sending Pro Horse thoughts and prayers eastward…

  6. Excellent job with the video. So hard to watch, couldn’t imagine being there. Good luck in D.C. Hopefully this will be the turning point! Thank you so much for documenting, informing and caring, you are a true angel for our wild horses! Keep up the good work!

  7. Savewildhorses says:

    Just came across this PBS video contest. You can upload one of your videos.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      30 seconds… I need to do a big edit!
      : )
      thanks for the link… I may give it a try.

      • Savewildhorses says:

        Just an idea: fast edits to contrast images of healthy in the wild horses with horses at Fallon.

        • Anne says:

          exactly; hello my name is anna wahpoose white
          i also agree the “before and after pix would be great: I think Laura captured (hate that word) alot of this in her excellent video; like a pix of a healthy mare on a poster board and then a pix of the downed mare: “eatin’ sand ! what a pitiful manmade sight…a downed mare “eating Sand !

          I think Laura also captured this idea when she showed the pix of the Foal trying to avoid the helicopter with the Foal Hope abandoned in a sand pit; so I agree with you and the posters; aw

          ps Before the BLM = happy and healthy mustangs; eating shrubs; herbs; native grasses

          after the BLM = miserable; sick; “eatin’ SAND;
          The BLM must be stopped for the good of the US

  8. Tara Bruning says:

    BRAVO! This video says it all!!

    • Anne says:

      yeah; I just rewatched this video; alot of good scenes; the video is very meaningful; not haphazardly put together;

      each frame correlates with another to put a big picture across; which imo is:

      Before the BLM roundups the horses look fantastic !

      after the BLM roundups the horses look awful and perish!

      so to say the BLM saves Mustangs is total jackrabbit crap

  9. Anne says:

    my critque is: the video is a true work of art…will send on ps

    how was the protest ? hopefully Hope pix was seen by many

    pps the Mare Foal Christmas Ornamanet is “a true gem; nice!

  10. cat Kindsfather says:

    Great collative work. knowing most of you and some of these horses, makes the impact even stronger on my head and heart. Seeing Lightning in his wild spirit play, is so awesome, and equally heartbreaking to compare that to his existence now at palomino Valley in a small pen, barely moving around. I think he has given up.

    Also, Freedom’s fight for Freedom, and his glorious win, is gas in the tank!!!
    Thank you to all who made this video possible. Let the dream live, wild and free again.

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