Dr. Kane, BLM DVM?

Reprint from Horseback Online

The Big Story

Unlicensed Vet Working Nevada Gather Where 113 Horses Have Died or Have Been Miscarried

By Steven Long

Photo by Laura Leigh

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – A government veterinarian working for the Bureau of Land Management in its Nevada office has treated horses there without a state license.

At least 113 captured horses have either died or been miscarried after a grueling chase by helicopter over rocky mountain land in the dead of winter.

Horseback Magazine confirmed late Monday in a check with the Nevada Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners that there is no record of a veterinary license for Dr. Albert Kane. Last month the magazine sought the vitae of the veterinarian but the BLM refused to supply it.

Kane is a Veterinary Medical Officer with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Animal Health Policy and Programs staff. In this position he serves as a staff veterinarian and advisor for the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program, according to spokeswoman JoLynn Worley.

“Dr. Kane doesn’t have a current bio or CV available at this time and has declined to prepare one specifically at your request,” Worley said at the time.

After the refusal to respond to the magazine’s request for Kane’s credentials, a request for that information under the Freedom of Information Act was filed. Thus far there has been no BLM compliance on the FOIA.

The 113 dead horses came from BLM’s Calico Wild Horse Management Area in Northern Nevada. The “gather” was a tightly controlled operation in which press and public was held in a viewing area far from the actual roundup and helicopter driven stampede.

Horses captured in the operation are now held in the BLM’s Fallon processing facility.

Horseback Magazine has now asked the BLM if Kane is licensed elsewhere other than in Nevada.

The Fallon facility is under tight control with press and public barred from observing horse processing in other than rare and brief media days and observation opportunities.

Opponents of the gathers have charged that the government agency is rendering America’s wild horse herds genetically bankrupt on its 260 million acres of mostly vacant land.

Last year, in a 68 page document titled “Alternative Management Options” the BLM discussed killing thousands of wild horses. It also addressed the issue of neutering horses in enormous numbers.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, a former rancher, has proposed that thousands of horses be sent to seven holding areas in the Midwest and East as tourist attractions. The proposal has been ridiculed by equine welfare activists as “Salazoos.”


6 thoughts on “Dr. Kane, BLM DVM?

  1. Laura, Hi, I am wondering the Fallon vets name again? And do you have links to the vet reports you did get? I have to send these on to the local vet here who asked me for them… I am hunting, too.. Do yo have a phone number for the vet?? mar

  2. Anne says:

    Richard Sanford Dvm
    32400 Cantlon Dr, Wadsworth NV 89442
    (775) 575-0975

    imo; Dr. Sanford is the reason 113 horses have perished;

    a. he gives Orchard + Rye Grass to Mustangs for 2-4 wks.; this causes malnutrition and miscarriages: (rye = miscarriage

    b. he does not use Nutrients like vitamins; minerals; Rice Bran

    c. he treats the Mustangs as if they were pieces of “crapola;

    just watch video: Great Star scrambles through chute; “stupid!

  3. Anne says:


    Richard Sanford Dvm
    300 Theobald St, Reno NV 89521
    (775) 575-0975

    this is Sanford’s “other address; this guy is “out of sight ! anne

  4. there are many tourists attractions to choose from, the only problem that we have is the money to spend to see most of them ~

  5. Caryn says:

    I have been working on the saving wild mustang project now for 1 week, & didn’t realize it was soooo bad. I live in Oregon, & found out that they are rounding mustangs here. I want to do more, please let me know how to get this insanity stopped. I’ve contacted earth justice to start a law suit. I contact Bob Abbey daily with no response. Can you e mail me with any information that would help? Once you e mail me I’ll give you my phone # Why is the BLM doing this?

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