The Horses at Heart

I’d like to take some time to share with you another “voice.”

The other day I shared an essay by Monica (Monika) Courtney with you. Monika and I have been buddies through the web for some time now. I admire her bravery and commitment.

I have shared a story about Craig Downer and an amazing stallion of the Calico Complex.

Here is my story about two more amazing people that raise their voices with “horses at the heart.”

The Horses at Heart, RT and Terry Fitch

One very snowy day in Nevada the Bureau of Land Management held one of their Advisory Board Meetings. Meetings that claim to be a component of “public process.” The truth is that these meetings are simply a show. The public is told the “what is” according to “BLM Math” and convoluted logic. The advocates are given just minutes, timed, to read their pre-submitted comments into record. A record that goes into the untold gulf of comments deemed “of no significant impact.”

A winter storm had raged the night before. It dumped feet of snow. The icy roads and continued snowfall created significant, almost impossible, driving conditions. Flights were canceled and airlines were turning back many that were waiting to land.

One woman made her journey from Texas. But the need to add her voice was so important the soft-spoken woman braved that journey, alone. Her name is Terry Fitch.

It was my first time meeting Terry “face-to-face.”

When the time came to speak she was sitting behind my chair. She expressed how nervous she was and that speaking in public was not something she did often. Yet she rose as her name was called and made her way to the front of the room.

She added her voice. Her papers shook. Her voice cracked and filled with emotion. She spoke from her heart.

When she took her seat she expressed that she was afraid that her emotion got the best of her and had a negative impact on her words. It is such an odd feeling to be criticized by those that oppose the advocates that we are “emotional.” When an issue is so outrageous and dwells within the areas of your heart that truly care, of course there is emotion. The real truth of her voice showed how this gentle soul truly spoke with the integrity of who she is and the love of horses that beats in her heart.

A couple of days ago I had the honor of being welcomed into the home of that woman. Her husband, R.T. Fitch, treated me to BBQ and “Texas hospitality.”

As I drove up I actually wondered if there were a servants entrance to park my old truck.

But there was a man standing in the driveway waving me in. The man was wearing an old straw cowboy hat, shorts and muck boots. A very familiar fashion statement.

RT and Harley by Terry Fitch 2010

I pulled my truck into the drive. The man leaned in and said “Does it leak oil?” and then he laughed. The laughter was deep and pure.

We shook hands. “Hi R.T.”

He led me over to Terry who was out with their horses. I was greeted by their dogs. I met Harley, Apache, Pele and Bart. I felt truly at “home.”

The entire afternoon the feeling never changed.We shared laughter, love, and really good BBQ. The genuine nature of these two people and the love they have for their world, animals and each other truly lives at that little ranch.

When I returned home I shot a quick e-mail off to let RT know that my old truck had returned me safely to my keyboard. He answered “could have used more time.”

I shared the sentiment, but know there will be more.

Our hearts truly join together as we move past the constraints that our lives place upon us and come together in this place of “horse.” That heartbeat grows stronger and pumps all the nutrients needed to wash away the toxins of man’s world. It cleanses our lives. Our voice grows strong.

Please join that beating “heart of the horse” and raise your voice on March 25. Even if you can not make the trip to DC. Contact your local media. Set up a table outside the local grocery store, your school, your front yard and educate the public to what is happening to our wild horses.

Speak with “Horses at Heart.”