Monica’s Voice

There are so many amazing people I have come to know that have opened their hearts and raised their voices for the voiceless.

I spoke to an advocate that may not be able to attend the rally in DC. Her name is Monica Courtney. Monica was at the Pryor Mountain round-up. She sent me this piece she wrote that was originally posted on “Straight From The Horses Heart.”

I’m sharing her voice with you today. Please raise yours…

Freedom Lost

by Monica Courtney

In this land of wide open spaces, lush forests and mystic canyon lands… war has begun.

Where once peace and serenity were our inspiration to appreciate the sacred gifts who live in these lands… a battle of destruction has intruded, a merciless aircraft has caused a panic mode and havoc to set in, the peace is shattered, the strength of family bonds destroyed.

An operation has begun, under the false facade and guise of a propaganda called management. A merciless hunt that reflects the greed of a corrupt government is at work again. This calls any freedom-loving American to duty now. The very freedom of our legacy, the American Mustang, is stolen as I type this. The symbol of Freedom is hunted under aircraft, pushed off their homes, separated from their bands, forced down the mountain range for 12 miles to exhaustion…to the point of no return, where a Judas horse, symbolically called this for betrayal, is sent out by BLM to lead the confused, exhausted and terrified mustangs into their dead end corrals… the trap.

The sound of despair fills the air. The clouds of dust from panicked horses settles, yet the spirit does not. The mustangs desperately whinny for their band, their families, their security, their instinct to protect them from harm…. the aircraft is still hovering, the noisy darkness has overshadowed the victims of the hunt…. trapped by an agency who deceives not only the public with false statements, lies and misleading information… but the very ones they were ordered to protect many years ago. The wild mustangs.

The BLM is not the agency body to protect the West anymore. They have risen above their own law to destruct what is rightfully ours, what is rightfully the horses’…. our future generations might never see a wild horse again as the master plan of BLM is to wipe them out. The spirit of America is stolen, caged up and sold off at auction.

The viability of herds is seriously at risk and the BLM’s statements of their “management” plan untrue, full of lies hiding an ulterior motive. Despite all common sense and evidence presented, our government chooses to ignore the public’s outcry and more pressure is needed NOW.

Wild mustangs… dispatched into unknown futures, ripped away from their homes and families, stolen off the range that is legally theirs… forced into corrals,  getting marked with numbered collars, strained by devastation and fear…. degraded to objects in pens, to be adopted out as stolen property of the American public.

The prospect of losing freedom is unimaginable to Americans. Yet this dark movement conducted by an agency with a plan of destruction is guaranteed the future of the wild mustangs to be lost, and to become an exhibit in the wax museum for your grandchildren to see, an only reminder of what once was and should have been preserved.

America, Land of lost Freedom. We defend our freedom. At any cost. We must rise above tolerating such heinous acts inflicted by our very own government agency, BLM. We must fight the battle right here in our own backyard…. to protect the very ones whose lives, spirits, families, and existence has been stolen.

This is a call to anyone with a sense of duty and responsibility to preserve this American Icon. I am reaching out to your conscience to speak up and represent what America is supposed to be, for all: A Land of the Free, where the mustangs roam – let’s prevent the BLM from gathering more trophies for their morally depraved and sick plan – This is much deeper than a love affair for horses….. It is about defending Freedom.

With my own eyes I saw the theft of freedom, inflicted on innocents on the Pryor Range. The dead spirit, confused and hurt minds, the betrayed look in their eyes…the panicked cries…  is something I will never forget.

Stories always end. May those be cut down that inflict this unforgiving harm to our legacy and heritage of Cloud’s herd and other wild horses doomed by BLM in this land.

Exploit me not. I was once a horse on the Pryor Mt. Range in Montana.

This is my tale. What can be worse than freedom lost ?

You decide!


7 thoughts on “Monica’s Voice

  1. Nothing is worse than freedom lost and we have lost the freedom to decide what becomes of our beloved wild horses who have been an inspiration to people here and the world over within a democratic process. We are the people and we remain the voices for the wild ones as their numbers plummet and hateful and greedy people seek to steal their lands. Thanks, Friend Monika, mar

  2. R.T. Fitch says:

    I like to refer to Monika (I misspell her name on purpose for the “allure” factor) as our Swiss Secret Weapon. A whole lot of energy and love is wrapped up in that lithe frame.

    Terry and I consider her to be a very close and special friend. As always, compassion, caring and love bring the best of the best to the surface.

    It is such a joy to know so many very, very special people, and horses.

  3. Monika, this is so well written that the reader can feel how these wild horses felt. What a horror it was for them. Now another atrocity is happening at Fallon. Still the cries of the horses and ours are being ignored . It is an outrage that our democracy and the freedom of our wild horses are being destroyed.

  4. Anne says:

    hello and thanks for the essay; when people say the Wild Mustangs are at risk; some say; oh sure; there are millions of Wild Mustangs; @ what risk are they ?

    a. there were “4 billion passenger pigieons in 1700 along the St. Lawrence river in canada; the last one died in a zoo; 1900

    b. there were millions of True Assyrian Donkeys alive for thousands of years; the last True Assyrian Donkey “died in a zoo…(this is type of donkey the famed biblical Jacob owned

    c. there were these critters which were half lion and half tiger; I forget the name; last one died in a zoo somewhere…A

  5. Laura Leigh says:

    That’s why we are raising our voices, Anne.
    Hopefully we can shed a little light on the truth…
    WE may have as few as 15,000 wild horses left in the wild.
    When a gather is originally scheduled to remove nearly 3000 animals because the claim is overpopulation and then it is halted at close to 2000 because they reached their “target” something is seriously wrong with their inventory methodology.
    By this example the claim they make of 30,000 in the wild could mean a count that’s off by 30%… or more.
    We need that Moratorium and investigation. We need data from an independent source… before our mustangs make that step of the human road to extinction… the zoo.

  6. Sharon Kennedy says:

    What is a charitable heart —It is a heart burning with love for the whole creation, for men, for the birds, for the beasts—for all creatures. He who has such a heart cannot see or call to mind a creature without his eyes being filled with tears by reason of the immense compassion which seizes his heart; a heart which is softened and can no longer bear to see or learn from others of any suffering, even the smallest pain being inflicted upon a creature. That is why such a man never ceases to pray for the animals…moved by the infinite pity which reigns in the hearts of those who are becoming united with God. —St. Isaac the Syrian, cited in Animal Theology by Andrew Linzey

  7. LiAnne says:

    This moving essay captures so vividly the horror and sadness that is befalling the wild horses as they are cruelly pushed from their homes and killed. Monika has been and continues to be a driving force in animal welfare issues and the incredible amount of time and energy and passion she has devoted to helping those with no voice of their own, is admirable. Keep up the good work, Monika!!

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