Thursday Thoughts…

Just waking up, having my coffee, gearing up for another busy day. As I sift through my e-mails there are many issues that arise to “wrap your head around.”

A few links for the day:

Continued coverage of the Jason Meduna trial and the “Three Strikes” horror. Read RT’s post on his blog here

Horseback has a story up about a rescue horse named “Cider.” This horse was featured in a Clinton Anderson TV special. Read it here (while it is up, news on this page changes every day or so).

The issue of “Horse Slaughter” in the US is a battle heating up again. It is filled with misinformation. This issue is most likely the single most important “frontline” for all of our American horses. An article on the subject here.

In reference to the horse slaughter issue I am adding a link to an article written by John Holland called “Selling the Unwanted Horse.” You all know how “words” and how they are used interest me. I suggest you give this article a read.

Now just for a moment bear with me…

The horse slaughter debate in our country centers around the term “Unwanted Horses.” The pro-slaughter folks love to banter this phrase around to support re-opening horse slaughter plants in the US. (And just an FYI folks horses go to slaughter just like they did when the US plants were open. Just because the plants in the US closed doesn’t mean that those looking to profit from the slaughter of horses can’t do it anymore. We just don’t deal with the disastrous environmental issues and property devaluation we saw with US plants… but I digress).

If the issue is “Unwanted Horse” as portrayed by the pro-slaughter folk we are talking about solving a problem. If the issue is about creating a horse meat industry in the US we are talking about supply and demand that will not decrease the so-called original issue… it has the potential to compound the problem.

There is a better way to support horse owners in these hard economic times that really begins to comprehend the heart of the issue. A better path towards healing the country…

Watch this… ‘nuf said.


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