Calico Complex 2010 Cattoor contractor

I noticed in my “internet” wanderings that Sue Cattoor has mention me by name on her companies website.

Before I address what she actually posted, (if I decide to address what she wrote pertaining to my name) I want to address the forums in which people use the Internet and their implications.

Many of you that follow my blog know that the use of language is a subject I find rather interesting. From the way we communicate with each other daily, to the way language is taken from a theory into practice, is becoming a subject that occupies much of my thoughts.

As we attempt to move the issue of “Wild Horse and Burro” in America into a phase where dialogue toward problem solving becomes a possibility, the use of language will clearly take on more importance. I urge you all to become very aware of terminology and it’s implication.

In “electronic space” you and I now occupy “the blog zone.” I am an artist by trade that has created a blog to share “Information, thoughts, photographs, expression (with horses at the heart).” My site takes comments for open discussion of what I blog.

Courtesy of dictionary online:

Main Entry:              blog

Part of Speech:              n

Definition:              an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called Weblog, Web log

Example:              Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.

Sue Cattoor is writing about the gather activities on the Home Page of what appears to be her business website. Not a blog page, not a page nestled in the site that promotes her livelihood… but the “Home” page. Her writing is not on the BLM website. She does not publish her website with BLM approval of content nor does it represent the BLM. She is a private contractor running a business. That business receives revenue from the BLM as well as from other government contracts and private entities.

I asked Tom Gorey of the BLM about Sue Cattoor’s Informational authority on BLM protocol. This is his response, (it was the expected answer):

Laura ~

Sue Cattoor speaks for herself and her company. The BLM has its own

representatives to speak for the agency.

The Bureau shares information with Ms. Cattoor that is relevant to the

contracting work she does for the agency. Beyond this, she has access to

the same information available to the public that is posted on our


~ Regards,


So within the parameters of human language there are certain implications to the manner in which her writing is presented.

  1. The importance of these “updates” would be priority to her company because it is listed on the “Home” page.
  2. The implied official capacity she writes from as the holder of a government contract adds weight (implied) to her writing.
  3. The inclusion of her Company address adds another “communication” tool that again implies the authority from which she writes.

Cattoors website can be viewed here.

Many of you that follow this issue will read what she writes and see the manner in which she presents “what happened” as distressful. But consider the source, consider the placement, consider the language as you read. Consider the business that she operates.

Yet do keep in mind that her testimony is relevant to the perpetuation of her contract as utilized in BLM assessments on gather operations. Then read again what Gorey wrote in response to my question.

Now go back to Cattoor’s website. Click the “Information” tab.

She answers questions such as this one:

Problems Inherent in the Passage of the 2009 ROAM Act

…with excerpts from an article by Sue Wallis. Highlighted in yellow is a provision I have not seen in all the hours I have poured through ROAM looking for issues with language.

(OK, so I should have put the “remove liquid from mouth” warning prior to directing you here)

Or this:

How can you watch a wild horse roundup?

“Some of the lies being circulated on the internet this summer contain statements that say the contractors and BLM do not want and sometimes do not allow people to watch wild horse roundups.  As contractors, we always work with the BLM to accommodate visitors and photographers…”

Do I need to go on?

You might like this one:

Things that we do to assure the welfare of foals.

“…If the pilot sees the foal or even a weak or old animal is getting tired, he radios the wranglers at the trap and they go out with saddle horses and a horse trailer and load and transport the foal or other animal to the trap…”

The photos make you want to grab the kids and head out to a gather for a picnic.

So my dilemma is this:

Does this actually deserve more of my time? Or do I just prepare for DC?


7 thoughts on “Cattoor

  1. All I can say is RT’s little fairy tale says enough and you so did you, Laura. mar

  2. R.T. Fitch says:

    Yup, ole Sue has you right up front on her “home” web page. You should feel honored as you have now become the center of one of her miriad of excuses, that’s all that website is, just entry after entry of excuses. There is nothing professional or businesslike in it’s design or content.

    Keep an eye on your mailbox, Laura, a threat letter from Cattoor’s attorney could be on it’s way to you, soon.

    Sad that the Cattoors, as Federal Contractors, have crossed the line of the First Ammendment and are threating ridicules legal action against the press and it’s reporters. (Yes folks, all those publications, foundations and blogs you love so well have been personally threatened by none other than Sue Cattoor, in writing.)

    I guess when you don’t want people to know the truth you have a website that is full of phony excuses, junk science and then attempt to intimidate the very people that pay your salary, the taxpayers.

    It’s absolutely outrageous and on the flip side, rather pathetic.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I’ll watch the mailbox RT.
      But “Discovery” could be rather interesting, ya think?

      Her website is “interesting” for many reasons. Not the least of which is that her testimony is considered in the very documents that perpetuate her contracts. If her “testimony” is as accurate as her “testimonial…” ya’ see where I’m goin’?

      Gets really interesting…

  3. R.T. Fitch says:

    Roger that…”screen shots” make for wonderful evidence in court.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      As well as the evidence that stands in direct contradiction.

      It still feels “odd” to be mentioned by name on her website. Most of her other additions to her website refer to “advocate(s),” but don’t specify. Whatever…

  4. Anne says:

    I understand this: Sue Cattmoor “altered the photograph on the BLM website concerning the Mare of Trooper;

    from one mare to another !

    and I have both pix on file !

    anyone can see they are not the same Mare !

    so good thing I saved the original pix by the BLM;

    so I can contact IDA and they can get Cattmoor for:

    “altering blm photographs; just TOO obvious;

    the first pix of the mare had dark brown markings
    the next pix of supposedly the same mare (not)
    had grey and silver markings; I call Cattmoors and Sanford

    “the mad mustang hunters AND THEY WILL BE STOPPED ! ! !
    (I am trying to find out if Sanford is an authentic Vet.; anna

    and whether sanford is a vet. or not? I AM REPORTING HIM to any and every authority i can find; for what ?

    “for shooting and killing about 3o late gestation mares ! ! !

    which is “100% illegal ! sanford: “i’m gonna get u “buddy! I’m gonna get u FIRED; TERMINATED; LAYED OFF; U QUIT boy before I’s get u fired u vile wicked canned horse hunter(nice topic for the am tea and coffee; SAVE THE MUSTANGS

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Documentation is the most important thing we can do.
      When you deal with an entity that twists the truth with no integrity, documentation solidifies reality.
      Triple check facts… triple check documents… and then write your letters.
      You are rather enthusiastic, even before coffee!

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