Action Alert! By March 9

Mares in Holding

On March 9, this coming Tuesday, Ken Salazar will add his testimony to his proposed 2011 budget request that includes the financing of the Wild Horse and Burro program. Included in this is the  $42.5 million dollar pricetag to purchase the first of his “Salazoos.”
He also asks for an additional $12 million in his budget for the already broken program that asked for additional funding last year to address the strained program. Instead of creating new policy they simply amped up the “gather-machine” and compounded the issue.
It’s time to say “ENOUGH!”
We need a moratorium and investigation into this program before irreversible damage is done to our American Heritage.
Make your voice heard!
Take action before March 9!

One thought on “Action Alert! By March 9

  1. Anne says:

    hi: thanks for the IDA Action Alert; a very good campaign…a.

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