Calico Complex Video Essay

I apologize for the camera shake. I borrowed a camera I had never used before.

It was cold and my nose kept running.

This video is long. If you are already depressed about the actions, or lack thereof, by the current Obama administrations Bureau of Land Management, please don’t watch this.

Just the few hours that we as a group have been allowed to observe this gather we have seen so much. It boggles the mind what may have occurred when this agency was allowed to operate without witness.

Horses continue to die from the gather. The stress of the actual gather, the stress of confinement and diet change. The stress now of processing. This was a massive gather done at a very vulnerable time of year.

Now these symbols of American freedom, those that survive, face adoption, sale authority, and long term warehousing.

Note: at about 4 minutes into this video is the video of the  foal harassed by helicopter in a longer form than previously shown.

My heart aches.

Edited to add:

Yes, this video is available in HDV. The quality is “dumbed down” to cut down on render and upload time. If you need clips to send  to local media e-mail me the time code and I can burn a disc.

KEEP CALLING the White House Hotline and your local Senators! Don’t forget local media. Get the word out!



6 thoughts on “Calico Complex Video Essay

  1. R.T. Fitch says:

    And it only gets worse as the death toll rises and the BLM refuses access.

    Thanks for sharing, Laura…painful, but needful to supply the motivation to put a stop to all of this. I just cannot believe how out of control our government has become.

  2. I just talked to Monika and we have both been hit harder than we expected by what has continued at Fallon. Everyone I know has been sickened and more than just upset. These people are behaving as if we have been wrong and they have had the right to handle wild horses as if they were scum. There is that old prejudice coming to the surface towards the horses and to us for our loyalty and concern. When I am able to step back I am amazed how truly barbaric the BLM and contractors have been. This is a national disgrace that needs the attention of anyone who wishes to understand what is happening within our government. If our government is broken then it is taking out it’s anger on these horses and burros. Anyone can see that is wrong. mar

  3. Tara Bruning says:

    This is so upsetting…the innocence of the Mustangs… taken forever.

    The beauty of the mustangs comes from their freedom.

    I really do not understand how anybody can get away with this.

    Please stop this abuse.

  4. Anne says:

    Thank you Laura; the video says so much; are you going to Fallon tomorrow ? or anyone else you know; I was just wondering if anyone could document how much Hay is in the pens of the sick foals which I read about on the BLM site

    anne conn. usa

  5. The hay is in small mangers in the “hospital area.” Some of it is strewn through the sandy ground.

    But if you can’t stand… you can’t get to food and water.

    It’s green and sweet, I tasted it.
    Even at the holding area after the gather… green and sweet. Stems and leaves, like alfalfa mix. These horses digestive tracks are being stressed immediately after the gather.

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