Fallon Update

Mare at the BLM facility in Fallon

Calico Complex Update

On February 18, 2010, while advocates were protesting in Las Vegas, the Bureau of land management began the processing of wild horses gathered from the Calico Complex Herd Management Area. Horses held at the Broken Arrow, a private holding facility, began to be aged, vaccinated, branded, etc. in preperation for adoption, sale and moves to long-term facilities. (BLM Fallon facility update here.)

John Neill, acting BLM manager of the facility, said mares are being processed first.

“We have prepped approx. 300 hd to date.Preparation is concentrated primarily on the mares at themoment, as we need to complete the preparation process with them before they begin to foal. Once preparation is completed with the mares, we will concentrate on the weanlings/yearlings…………which have already been vaccinated. Stallions will be prepped after mares, weanlings/yearlings. I do not have an exact date when this will take place The entire preparation process of the calico animals should take approx. 8 weeks.”

Horse Advocate Marilyn Wargo had some specific questions for the BLM:

“It would help all our perceptions if we had a schedule that reflects the work all involved at the Fallon facility are actually doing on a daily basis, weekly, etc. I would like to think the horses are central to activity and not just on some days. Everyday. How many people work there and what are their jobs? How often are horses fed and are their water tanks cleaned out regular to keep down infectious disease?”

Reply by John Neill:

“There are 3-4 experienced wranglers and a veterinarian present during the
preparation process. On average 60-70 animals are prepped/day. There are days where other activities may take place along with prep. to ensure
animal care. The facility contractor has sufficient personnel to feed and
maintain the facility. Horses are currently being fed free choice
grass/alfalfa hay. Once all animals have adjusted to dietary changes the
feeding regime will be adjusted. Typically 20lbs/day/adult to maintain
good health. Younger animals typically receive 12-15lbs/day. Water troughs
are cleaned frequently. More often in the summer months as sunlight
promotes algae growth. Troughs are scrubbed with bleach for disinfection
when cleaning takes place.”

I asked if dates had been set for the horses going through adoption and through sale authority.

John Neill:

BLM does intend to hold an adoption event of Calico animals once preparation is complete and animals show no health issues. The adoption event will take place at Palomino Valley facility. There has been interest by other individuals on specific animals also. Most likely many of these that several persons have shown interest in will be posted on the I-net for competitive bidding. An adoption event date will be forthcoming once preparation is completed and animals show no signs of health issues.


13 thoughts on “Fallon Update

  1. Savewildhorses says:

    Empty land surround the corrals as far as the eye can see. Millions and millions of acres. Yet, we choose to fence them in these pathetic cages until their spirit withers away and the light goes out of their eyes. Don’t you think they miss their families? Don’t you think they miss running and moving their legs? Don’t you think their hearts are broken for the small, artificial world of man we placed them in? I know my heart is broken for them.

    • 262 million acres managed by the BLM. 262 million…. supposedly managed in a “multiple use” theory. We see the use for cattle, mining, alternative energy, all kinds of special interests. Where is the piece managed as “natural equid containing ecosystems?” I can’t find it anywhere… even though legislation calls them “integral” to the American landscape.
      My heart aches with you.

    • Anne says:

      If you look at the BLM Pens closely by enlarging pix; you will see as I have; THERE IS NO HAY IN MANY OF THE PENS

      What you see is not hay; but is just old straw clippings;

      Is the BLM literally “denying hay and water to horses ?

      answer: Yes they are; and I have photos to prove; just look at the pix of the Foal Hope; do you see any Feed for him?
      do you see any water for him ? any shelter ? NO NO and NO

      “help ! ! ! ~

  2. Anne says:

    ugh; i just watched the video of the horses “being processed!
    what a scheme ! the horses must think they are going to “die!
    and many them have; I understand 49 horses have perished !

    my heart goes out to the Wild Mustangs; in memory of Hope(springs eternal; the Foal who was left to perish in a Sand Pit !
    (with no feed; no hay; no straw and no water for 3 days! imo;
    (and then was Shot ! because he dared to be alive ! what fools

  3. Anne says:

    I call the BLM: The Foul Fools who harm Foals ! (and Mares…and Stallions and any other horse they can find ! anna

  4. Evidently none will be returned to their range. What a shame that they will no longer run free. These roundups must stop before our wild horses are extinct.

    • Anne says:

      hi; what about the Gelded Stallions; won’t they be returned to the Range ?

      “hopefully; fingers crossed; anne conn. usa

  5. Anne says:

    Truly this must stop; my opinion is: if people could only see these and other videos; there would be a protest nationwide

    but news casts wont’ show this; so as “not to interfere ! thanx!

    I call Hope springs Eternal the “Foal who “broke the BLM’s last straw…I truly belive his (her?) demise will stop the roundups; the key will be to get this info to the proper folks;
    Maybe IDA and Craig Downer can use this in the court case?
    (i think about the Foal; how I wish I could have comforted him; but atleast you were there Laura; and that is a blessing;
    anne conn

    • Lisa Norman says:

      There is a protest in DC 3-25-10, and meeting with representatives on friday 3-26. There is also a protest in San Francisco but not sure when, don’t think it’s been officially scheduled yet. Don’t ever give up the fight for these mustangs they are OURS and the public land is OURS. Vote out all incumbents who don’t stand up the DOI and BLM on this issue.

  6. George Knapp put my footage in his “Stampede to Death,” on his I-team for KLAS TV in Las Vegas.
    But no one else seems to have the brass.
    However when you start to look at the Board of Directors for many of our larger newspapers and stations… it makes you wonder if the concept of “free press” to keep government in check is actually practiced anymore.

    I think about that baby… and all the others in holding.
    It is a dream that they can run free.
    But the reality is that they are being processed.
    Adoption, Sale and long-term warehousing come next… for the ones that live long enough.

  7. Lisa Norman says:

    Laura, I am crying with you. I can’t sleep at night. Their spirits are broken and so many have perished unnecessarily. This extermination is a study in evil. There is still the lawsuits. a very tiny glimmer of hope and meanwhile these horses are not to be moved or gelded, etc. but May is a long way away for these horses and the ones from prior roundups that are languishing god knows where call to my spirit for help…..to be free…to be safe from mankind. Mankind does not deserve the gift of this planet.

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