Nothing But the Truth

This was sent to me today by Roni Raczkowski:


Nothing But the Truth

February 18, 2010, 9:18PM MT
By Roni Raczkowski
Wild horse advocates in Nevada, and across the country, demand to know the truth behind the BLM’s senseless roundups

According to the Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates, the recent wild horse roundup in the Calico Mountain complex of northwest Nevada resulted in the unnecessary deaths of 64 horses and counting (this figure includes spontaneous abortion of foals). A stunning video of a foal being chased at close range by a BLM helicopter during this roundup can be viewed here. This foal later died, and has wild horse advocates uniting nationwide in demanding an intervention to the roundups and an investigation into the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro program.

Over 1600 wild horses were captured during the Calico roundup, according to Jill Anderson with Return to Freedom (RTF). The BLM estimates that some 600 wild horses remain on the 550,000 acre complex. The captured horses will be sorted and separated, with the young ones hauled off to the adoption pipeline and the older ones sent to join more than 30,000 wild horses currently living in long term holding facilities. This is the program that the BLM claims broke their budget-the horses they could not afford and considered euthanizing, yet they continue to stockpile more horses.
RTF founder Neda DeMayo was in Washington DC for the first 2 weeks of February, meeting with attorneys, lobbyists and colleagues in the animal welfare and conservation arena. RTF is working on mobilizing a strong coalition initiative and is gearing up for the long haul.
As a result of the overwhelming number of calls, letters, and emails sent by animal and horse advocates, the BLM recently announced that they were postponing a roundup planned for the Eagle Herd Management area in eastern Nevada. They stated that it was too close to foaling season and that the roundup would be reconsidered, along with additional environmental assessments and public comments later in the year. Coupled with the postponed Utah roundup, this makes two scheduled roundups that were successfully pushed back.
“Truth Rally”
Join the Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates on Saturday, February 20th from noon-3:00 p.m. in front of the Nevada State Legislative Building at 202 North Carson Street, U.S. Highway 395, Carson City, NV for a “Truth Rally”, where equine lovers will demand the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They are preparing a list of just a few of BLM’s incorrect and/or incomplete statements, along with the absolute facts of BLM’s mismanagement of our wild horses and burros. The goal is to have 100+ advocates participate to get this plea heard and seen on national news stations. There is strength in numbers, and wild horses are helpless without your support.  Lend a voice to the voiceless, and consider attending this high profile rally.
For more information about the “Truth Rally”, contact:
“Mustang Outrage”
Arlene Gawne, a realtor and horse advocate in Las Vegas, has hosted a series of “Mustang Outrage” rallies in tge Las Vegas and Red Rock areas, and she intends to continue until the senseless roundups cease. According to Gawne, the BLM is working on plans for the Twin Peaks roundup in California and Nevada’s Virginia Range herd. The Eagle HMA roundup in Ely, Nevada has been delayed, but not yet cancelled. The BLM is increasing admission fees to Red Rock Canyon (Las Vegas) to make ends meet, and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is now asking Congress for over $60 million dollars primarily for more roundups and over $40 million to buy farms in the East to warehouse the wild horses the BLM has condemned to captivity.
Gawne’s gatherings, as well as other protests nationwide, focus on the following messages directed towards President Obama and the BLM:
·        Stop spending American’s tax dollars on horrific roundups
·        Stop warehousing our Western equine heritage on the East Coast
·        Give wild horses and burros their fair share of public lands
If you are interested in more information, or would like to attend protest gatherings in the future, contact Arlene Gawne at 704-277-1313 or
To sign a petition requesting a moratorium on Wild Horse and Burro Roundups, click here.   For related articles about the cruel BLM roundups, visit Equine Welfare Alliance.
Video and horse photos courtesy of Laura Leigh
Protest photos courtesy of Arlene Gawne

2 thoughts on “Nothing But the Truth

  1. This is very good and I will post it, too. I am increasingly leery of all the closed door discussions by the powerful and rich. I want them to be behind us, not in front and heading us off and taking away from the daily fight that advocates have been pulling off on our own for 6 months straight. These power brokers are standing on our backs and think they know better. I am not glad for the increased secrecy from and criticism of this amazing campaign that has been dominated by women across the nation. We have shown we have power and insight and they have had the gall to criticize our Humane Observers and tell us to back off because We might ruin everything? I fear we will still be on the path when the power people have made some little deals. Then we will still be here to clean up the mess and take on the management of the wild ones when they are still in need of protection. I say all this in hopes that some will realize that The Process we are adhering to is democratic and the secrecy and exclusivity has no place but to alienate us from decision making even further. Stop it and join the people and really win for the wild ones. mar

  2. Amen.

    When deals are “secret” motivations become “suspect.”
    No matter who is involved.

    The information needs to be public.
    The discussion needs to be public.
    (That includes Salazar’s new little “group.”)

    This is public property we are talking about.
    I don’t want someone handing me another decision based on “for their own good” logic.

    Busy today… but I will write a piece for tomorrow.

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