Video of Calico Foal


3 thoughts on “Video of Calico Foal

  1. Anne says:

    Hi Laura:

    thank u for the video; this is the video which I call:

    The Lil’ Mustang Foal who: “broke the BLM’s last straw…

    the irony is: There is not a sprig of straw in sight…a pity ! AW
    “blatant; overt Animal Abuse and Negligence to provide care!
    You rock ! (I hope the long version doesn’t upset me too much; when I get upset I send stupid emails…”not good; I may wait until tomorrow to watch the newer version; thanks !

  2. Anne says:

    ps this is the email videos I sent to some Senators; thank u all

  3. Mazie McNeal says:

    I would love to see that chopper crash.

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