Sun J does it AGAIN

Sun J contractor


Multi-million dollar government contract

Horses are protected by Congress?

Outrageous Conduct!

Tomorrow he flies again...

Today the BLM did not update their hotline so I was late getting onto the range. I would have been on the other side of the rise…

Does this pilot need anger management classes or serious glasses? Either way Sun J needs to be pulled from this roundup. Many instances of either incompetance or laziness. Internet issues… will write more tomorrow.


Antelope photographs

I take about 1000 frames each day plus hours of video.

I have been doing a video of each roundup with a voiceover that describes the area and AML, etc. This one I just put to music… cause it has taken too long. Articles coming soon…. Interesting article for Horseback very soon…

It’s been snowing all day… maybe the helicopter wont fly in the am? I have seen so many bands broken up by this pilot… He starts with a larger group and only a few come in… or he has to let a band go. Many of the horses are lathered… really lathered. The layout of each trap does not make sense. I am worried about what he has left on the range in his wake.

When we get to the point in time when a roundup takes place the time for policy talk ends… it becomes an issue of literally life and death for these animals. A dialogue needs to take place to evolve the methodology used to stampede horses and treat them like pests… This is the only animal in our history to have an entire act of Congress devoted to it….

President Obama… are we a civilized nation? Do we as Americans still value compassion? Or have we sold that off to the highest bidder?

I’m tired… goodnight.

Antelope injury (quick post)

Reviewing photos for am post.

About 57 horses today. So much to tell… I will write detailed report and get caught up AND a shower tomorrow… chopper down for mantainance.

Last load of the day was given about less than 5 minutes to settle before activity began to load. Public observers notified the BLM representative, Tom from Colorado, that loading now was not “the right thing.” He did not pass on the information and repeatedly ignored concerns of observers.

The youngster loaded with adults, immediately after capture, arrived at holding with a bloody nose. Was it really that important to “clock out?”

Isn’t it time we “evolve” as a society and begin to recognize that historic prejudice suurounds these horses and start “growing up” as a nation? DEAR GOD! This is the only animal in the history of the US to have an entire act of Congress devoted to it! Isn’t well past time that this program is taken out of the hands of those that hold those predjudices?

Can’t common sense and a bit of humanity actually exist in a society that claims to be “civilized?”

(Yes… I’m tired. I’ll pull it in after some sleep…. but this is my blog… )

Bloody nose youngsterInjury due to "quiting time"

Injury due to "quiting time"


Running into trap

Day of the “escape”

Today could be dubbed the day of the “escape.”

First band of the day (5 member) was too hard for the pilot and was given up on. Another band of seven had one and then two break… last band at the first trap was eleven members and the pilot could not get them in.

Second trap had nine and the stallion tried to vault the panels… second band ran into the trap and before the gates closed a black ran back out, broke through the jute… and up past us.

Freedom won… but at what price?

I apologize for being behind on the article and video edit… I will try to get it out tomorrow after the roundup. We left the range at dark.

Fighting for Freedom

Antelope 1/28/2011Trying to escape

Will try to get update out to Grass Roots Horse et al. asap.

Just a side note: When BLM was asked by an observer if they could go take pictures elsewhere the reply was “it’s public land, of course.” Reminder: this is the Elko district… same as Owyhee… remember Owyhee? This legal battle continues.

Quick re-cap

This is a very fast recap as I am on the road and need to get moving.

Mis-information is again ragging like wildfire.

First and foremost I have NOT left the horses. There are others here right now to witness and it gave me a chance to document other areas and take care of a personal issue. I will be at the roundup tomorrow.

What I am seeing is a meshing of the roundups of the last three months into some of the information coming out about Antelope.


Sulpher Springs was in UTAH. Youngsters went to adoption and older were treated and released.

Bald Mountain and Callaghan… temps fluctuated and some days were above freezing and some below. Issues with access and changing access.

Eagle had the very cold am temps and steaming horses

BEFORE Sulpher was Pine Nut and inbetween Callaghan and Eagle Clan Alpine was cancelled after census was complete.

ANTELOPE has not been as cold as EAGLE. Going is very slow as horses ARE NOT conregated in any specified area and are in small family bands.

Antelope 1/22/2011

day one Antelope

 Editing a video piece on Antelope and working on a story for Horseback.

Antelope Update

Working on an in depth story on some of the issues on the Antelope range for Horseback… be ready in a day or so.

In the meantime the family that I photographed in the wild and then at the trap, shipped to Palomino Valley Center this am.

More beautiful horses came in today. Studs will ship to Gunnison including these…

Offloading at Temporary Holding

Entering "the system"

Yesterday a horse literally crashed through the jute to break to Freedom…

Literally fighting for freedom

Deep into Antelope

Ely portion of Antelope HMA.

No sign of over population. Small scattered family bands.

Forage, water, cattle, fences…. very few horses.

Full report coming to Horseback and Grass Roots Horse am.

I NEED sleep!


Very few horses in Ely portion of Antelope

Eye Candy

Living Symbol of the pioneer spirit

Living Symbol of the pioneer spirit

Slip, slidding around the very vast area to be rounded up in Northeastern Nevada. In a few days the largest roundup of the season will begin in the Antelope Complex jointly managed by the Elko and Ely district offices.

Had warm weather and the range had melt off… very “mucky.” Turning cold again and freeze over should take place.

Roundup postponed until the 24th (yet subject to change). Will keep ya’ all posted.

Just some “eye candy.”

National Treasures

Quick update

Followed truck with pregnant mares and youngsters to Fallon from Eagle today.

On that load was a little black colt… he had a hard time keeping up and I’m concerned…

Just finished quick piece for Horseback and sent more photos to Grass Roots… video tomorrow. Got caught in email stuff…

Trying to keep the image of little Hope from Calico out of my mind tonight… laying in the same facility as his feet sloughed off…

Black colt, Eagle

He stumbled three times


Calico Foal

Hope (feet literally began to fall off, died) Calico Jan. 2010

Eagle day 5 part 1

Editing footage and going through photos.

The distance I am kept to and the inability to view the trap or horses in holding creates the need to enlarge each frame to see any detail.

The number of pregnant mares is actually painful to see. These mares are all being shipped to Broken Arrow that BLM now calls Indian Lakes. We all remember the Calico roundup last year at this same time and all of the spontaneous abortions… that we only knew about because we could go in once a week. BLM keeps no statistics…

This facility is closed to the public… not because they can’t open it (because they did)… but because they do not want to deal with the publics response to what happens behind those closed gates…

How many will die this time that we will never know about? How many under 5 months old… because they are not old enough to count? How many of these unborn will never take breath? How many will be born in that … place? How many will never be given an opportunity for adoption and will ship unseen into the black hole of long-term holding?

What is the purpose of this program? Pest control at the highest cost possible? Or the management of the “living symbol of the pioneer spirit of the west?”

It is absolutely unacceptable that those doors remain closed.

Our horses, our money…

Is this the transparent BLM Bob Abbey spoke of in Vegas?

Dean Bolstad… open Broken Arrow.

Beautiful stallion and his pregnant mares

This stallion will go to Gunnison prison at dawn and his pregnant mares will travel all the way from near Caliente to Fallon, about 8-9 hours.

I will add more after I rest…

Eagle 1/9/2011


Driving on the range

This morning on Highway 93 going South toward Vegas a passenger car struck and killed a wild horse.

The temperatures were frigid, below zero. There was heavy fog referenced as “pogonip.” It is a fog that carries ice and is extremely dangerous and has been known to cause death in people and animals.

Highway 93 dawn 1/9/2011

The stretch of Highway in Pioche near the Castleton mine road has a posted speed limit of 70 miles per hour. That stretch of highway is a common wildlife crossing for deer, rabbits and horses. There are no signs that indicate “wildlife crossing.” No signs that let drivers know that out on the range dusk and just before dawn are very dangerous times and you need to slow down. No common sense reminders that when the fog is so thick you can only see shadows for fifteen feet and then nothing that you need to slow down.

The man driving the car will be ok. His wife and three very small children will be ok.

The impact was so hard that the interior of the car had blood and feces from the horse. Horse hair, blood and feces were in the windshield.

Please, please, please use common sense when driving. In that same area at dusk two days prior I was almost hit by a semi that insisted on riding my tail and passing me because I wouldn’t go over 55. As his truck came along side mine a large group of deer crossed at that same location. We both had to brake hard… but he was going at least 80 and swerved…

Please be aware that highways traverse through areas filled with life… they don’t just connect cities.

Report from todays roundup coming soon.

auto that struck the horse

Blog discussion

Every once and awhile I need to post a reminder that this is my BLOG. A blog is defined as an online journal or diary. I write articles and papers for several sources and provide documentation, video, photographs for several other organizations, publications and broadcasters.

Eagle holding

I like to keep the blog open for discussion. Yet if the language gets stronger than the occassional “shit” or deteriorates to personal attacks I will ban you from posting. The opinions expressed on the blog are not all mine.

The post came from “Rounder” today…

The Rounder (19:28:04) : Well, if you think about these foals out on the range that is covered in two feet of snow and they can’t get to feed, I’m sure they are happy as hell to get all the feed they can eat at the holding corrals after being gathered. What you should do is ask for a bigger picture that shows the foals getting all the food they can eat from beneath the panels, which the picture does not show to make you believe that they are being starved!!!!!!!!!

Here is my response:

Laura Leigh (20:09:01) : Hi “Rounder.”
They are not being starved in the temporary corral at Eagle. There is hay.

But I disagree with you completely about “starving” on the range.

These animals are only allowed legally on 10% of public land where they are not given a fair share of the resources. Where other interests are continually given priority… even though those other interests can exist legally on the rest of public land.

When you do the math the horses get the short side of the equation.

I have had the “no food” discussion several times with some that post here. There is hay at holding… but the youngsters I saw want their moms… moms that still have milk.

“Rounder” these horses do not expend much energy in this weather. This time of year they conserve “fuel.” The stress of the roundup and separation compounded by the cold leaves them vulnerable to illness. To allow the mares and youngsters some “stress relief” by pairing up could go a long way… and it’s not happening at this roundup.

Eagle day 4

Stallions went to Gunnison. Mares to Broken Arrow (BLM now calls Indian Lakes).

I can’t give you pictures of these faces in hopes for adoption and they go to a closed facility.

The last 20-30 came out of the area of the first trap. Babies “weaned” the moment their family hits the trap. Can’t bring you pictures of them either.

All I can do is pray they find a kind hand somewhere…

The most I have seen of the stallions

haunting eyes

Mares going to Fallon

Today's youngsters


Eagle day 3

Pictures… video and more pics tomorrow. Need to get ready for sleep and the morning…

About 360-410 (est.) taken so far. Can’t see anything at temporary and I have not been allowed to get on my vehicle like in the past… no reason… just that it appears the contractor wont allow it. I have asked “why?” and for better visibility. There is absolutely no reason why I am now obstructed from seeing even their heads…

tired of this game… very tired.

WE deserve to see our horses and that we are continually obstructed at the roundups and in these closed facilities is getting more than absurd.

Didn’t Abbey just say in Vegas that they are transparent?

*note: these photos at the trap are taken with a zoom lens and then digitally enlarged to show any detail. With the naked eye I can’t see anything really meaningful. I still cannot get repiration rates nor can I accurately determine injury.

free am... but in the first load

eagle day 3

eagle day 3

eagle roundup

leaving "home"

The above photo are the only faces I could see clearly because a trailer happened to drive by. 

Joining the faceless and unseen...

BLM says stampede is a “dirty” word

New Article from Horseback

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – Officials of the federal Bureau of Land Management have become increasingly sensitive to the media’s frequent use of a common English word. Horseback Online and many other news sites have used the word “stampede” to describe what BLM bureaucrats in Washington routinely describe as a “gather.”

In a note to Horseback on the first Monday of the year, BLM’s chief Washington spokesman Tom Gorey said, “Wild horses and burros are not stampeded during gathers. Go observe one for yourself. Stampede is an anti-BLM propaganda term, pure and simple.”

Horseback responded.

“Tom, stampede is a word common to the English language. Your response drove me to my copy of the 2,129 page Webster’s Universal Dictionary,” said Horseback Magazine Editor Steven Long. “The definition I quote in the first reference is ‘A sudden headlong running away of a group of frightened animals, especially horses or cattle.’ That seems to fit perfectly what I have seen in every video of the BLM roundups. I don’t view it as a propaganda term whatsoever, and I’m certainly not anti-BLM as you well know. It is simply a term which best describes for my reader, in common language he will understand, what is going on. While I’m certain BLM would prefer me to call these things a gentle trot down the trail, that doesn’t seem to be fitting considering hundreds of horses have died in the process.

Horseback has also learned that controversial BLM chase contractors, Cattoor Livestock Roundups have been awarded a new five year contract.

“October 1, started a new contract for the wild horses roundups and CLR, and another company, Sun J, received the two awards for the next 5 years,” Sue Cattoor told Horseback Magazine last week. We asked Ms. Cattoor about the new firm.

“They are not based out of Nephi, but out of Vernal, Utah, and they are not related to us,” she said.  

Asked if the BLM had used any new criteria in awarding the contracts to Cattoor in light of the unprecedented number of wild horse deaths in 2010, Gory said it was business as usual.

“The Cattoors have demonstrated an ability to conduct safe and humane roundups, so that’s why their contract was renewed,” Gorey said. 

Today, CNN ran a story critical of BLM’s wild horse roundups showing a helicopter flipping a donkey with its skid. The news network didn’t identify the company chasing the burro. 

Horseback asked Gorey if pilots actually touching animals with the skids of their helicopters was taken into consideration in awarding contracts.

“Regarding the new footage concerning the burro, I’m trying to get the specifics of where and when this happened,” Gorey said.

Read the rest of the article on Horsebacks Online site:

Reminder that BLM changed “Roundup” to “gather” and then tried “harvest” on for size… propaganda?

The photos are from Twin Peaks 2010, Cattoor Contractor.

They "trot" horses, don't they?




Twin Peaks

A New Year?

It’s a New Year?

Another HMA awaiting roundup. Many HMA’s awaiting roundup as “Multiple Ruse” continues.

Clan Alpine scheduled for February

Sanctuary proposals never answered by BLM. Significant public interest in wild herds on public land continually overlooked and minimized.

A so-called “Summit” to discuss with “multiple public interests” the welfare of American Equines begins in Vegas tomorrow. Yet missing from the table is any representation of actual equine welfare. A farce, a circus, an abomination of dialogue is given the label of “public forum.” A forum where even audience members (that have to pay significant cash) are denied access by the king and queen of slaughter-world. It is disgusting that members of a branch of our government are slated to not only attend, but speak. As no advocate voice sits as a speaker… not one.

The BLM ran a “public forum” for dialogue on wild herds in Denver last year. The king and queen of slaughter were significantly out numbered and out documented. Not a single concrete outcome from that workshop. Each advocate that attended was asked if they would volunteer for solution based action… not a single one of us has been contacted.

Yet Bob Abbey, the head honcho at the BLM, is slated to speak at this (cough, gag) public forum. 

However last year he was slated to speak at the Society for Range Management “summit” that was another push by the “red handed” to reinstitute the slaughter of wild horses. He bailed ten minutes before showtime. The objective of that show was to give BLM employees continuing education credits (I’m not kidding) and endorse Salazars proposal.

That “fun time” included the panel (including Bud Cribley, BLM) making fun of Congress, blaming wild horses for decrease in Salmon populations (I swear to you) and Sue Wallis, their Ethics speaker, regurgitating her “poetry.”

Needless to say I aint going to this one.

Instead I will go and sit yet again on the range and see no activity of our governments contractor at the trap. I will again be denied access to watch horses captured. I will yet again be denied the ability to view the horses in holding facilities where they are shipped.

"Silver King" HMA

I sat in Silver King today… where Galahad fought for his family, Silver King and so many others lost their Freedom, and Braveheart broke his neck. Where all activity at the moment of capture and any significant ability to observe the condition of our horses was obstructed. I saw no horses today.

Yesterday I sat with the Silver King horses that Return to Freedom is trying to reunite with their families… I sat with Bravehearts mare and youngster… it hurt.

Galahad and Mare

Single horse chased at Silver King

Single horse... just one

 We have two suits right now in Federal court. From what I understand Bob claims not to know about anything that has been happening out here and when he was told said “we need to change that.” Months ago… that conversation actually did occur with an advocate… in a closed meeting… months ago.

But this week will be the same old same old… the “Summit” will be the same old same old…

Hey Salazar… do you and Bob know what “New Direction” means?

And for all of you that asked about General and Crew…

General... I love that old man

Ranger and Commander

True.... kept getting too close for camera

Oh yeah… one year ago…  the only “new direction” is that they try to stop us from seeing it.