Hang in there…

Hang in there…

I’m trying my best to deal with the convoluted path we all know so well when dealing with this agency known as the Bureau of Land Management.

We all know too well the lack of avenues that are clear to hold this system to any standard of accountability for their actions. But I’m trying…

You are all ammazing. Please know that I recognize each effort. There are people that have sent GrassRootsHorse $3.00 donations… because that’s all they had… to help me bring this forward. This really is about how much the American people love these horses and are willing to devote “all they have” to see that the intent of ’71 Legislation is not subverted because of some “highest bidder” thought process present in today’s government.

This country was based on principles to safeguard right of “the people,” not just the “rich” people.

As we fight for the voiceless, our amazing wild horses that stand as a symbol of that bravery and freedom, we create our own voice.

Please keep calling the White House hotline:


Call your Senators and Congressional representatives. Call the media… talk to people and tell them what is happening to Our public land.

Herd Watch needs help:





The adoption event now has a coordinator to deal with the extra hoops we need to jump. She is dealng with those issues and we will have info later tonight.

Hang on….

Hang on…

and a prayer can’t hurt.

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2 thoughts on “Hang in there…

  1. Glad you have emerged from Owyhee still free and fighting. Beware Nevada Quicksands. Read your papers. Thanks to the ladies with you. Take care of you. Love and hugs, mar

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    Laura, you are a a very brave heroine for our wild horses. Thank you so much for all that you are doing.
    Prayers and best wishes being sent to you and the wild ones.
    Love and hugs,

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